Retrieve candidate applications

This is an overview of how to integrate with SnapHire to retrieve candidate applications.
Detailed developer docs are available at

Define your app in Talent App Store

  • Sign up for a developer account at
  • Select 'Create app'
  • Take note of the Install Token, you’ll need this for installing your app to give it access to the data.
  • Take note of the HMAC secret for your app, you’ll need this for making/receiving API calls, as it acts like an API key
  • Browse to the APIs tab and define your app as per below
SoT (Source of Truth)

Install your app (authorize to access data)

  • Sign in to SnapHire
  • Browse to the Marketplace tab.
  • Click the menu top right and select 'Install private app'
  • Enter the Install token that you noted down before and click Install.
  • From the same top right menu, note down the Tenant Shortcode at the bottom for use when making the API calls.

APIs your app will call

These API calls can not be made from the front end, as that would result in exposing the HMAC secret for the app and giving other parties access to the data.

Set a header on your requests named tazzy-secret with the value of your app's HMAC secret.

Set the Content-Type header to 'application/json;version=2.0'

Retrieve applications from SnapHire
This will return 100 results at a time. Use the minID parameter to iterate through the list to retrieve the full set.