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What are HR microservices?

HR microservices are small pieces of technology that are built to complete specific HR related tasks. They usually do one thing, and do it exceptionally well. Welcome to the new world of agile enterprise HR software, enabling access to tomorrow's innovation today. Sweet.

Choose, then install

We believe that customers should be able to easily choose the solutions that are right for their business. In Talent App Store you can browse, and try new apps with your data. Installing is instant, and integration and security is taken care of. Your very own on-demand HR ecosystem. Finally.

Peer-to-peer connectivity

In Talent App Store, communication between apps is peer-to-peer (not hub-and-spoke like other app marketplaces). This means you can share data between apps, not just with a central (master) HR system. Here, all apps are equal, and all APIs are open. Nice.

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