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Why Talent App Store?

We believe that organisations should be able to construct the HR technology ecosystems of their choice. So, we built Talent App Store, an integration marketplace platform, that delivers a catalogue of connected HR solutions through a network of integrations ("apps"). Customers can discover & install apps via fully customisable marketplaces, that can be embedded directly into any platform. HR technology vendors now have a smarter way to integrate.


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  • Our partners are providers of a wide range of HR solutions that support the entire employee lifecycle. Join us to simplify your integrations and connect with new communities of customers.
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We deliver an out of the box integration catalogue

  • A secure marketplace layer that delivers innovation
  • Provides your customers with choice
  • Eliminates integration development effort
  • Reduces support workload on your team
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Deliver your HR SaaS microservices like lightning

  • Explore our documentation, browse APIs and learn how to develop and deploy an integration on Talent App Store, all protected by the strongest security in the industry.
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Whether you are an HR software vendor looking to join our partner network, an HR or recruiting platform looking to deliver value to your customers through a marketplace, an organisation seeking new HR solutions, or you'd like to talk about other opportunities to get involved, get connected with Talent App Store.
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