Resetting for lift-off

The world is changing at a rapid pace. It can all get a bit overwhelming at times, particularly if we let ourselves get taken over by all the negative reports of the impact of Covid-19 on business. Like most of you, we are making changes to accommodate our sudden, new reality, but want to assure you that it is mostly business as usual for us as we continue to build and maintain our innovative integration marketplace platform.

Whilst we are conscious of the new pressures on us all, and the welfare of our partners and your clients as we navigate through some tough times, we wanted to reach out to remind you that in every difficult situation, there is always an opportunity that presents itself. The challenge is in finding where we can add value, or bring about a positive change or relief to our community.

We’re lucky to be a part of a great network of customers and partners.  If things are a bit slower for you, perhaps this is an ideal time to pause, connect, get creative and take up the projects that will set you apart, and fuel the acceleration that you will need when we move through and out of this difficult time.

Our question to you is, how can we help you level-up by kick starting your integration roadmap?  We’re still delivering marketplaces, and are expecting an increasing demand for solutions that are popular in times of fewer jobs and more applicants. If you’re an ATS / HRIS looking to bulk out the integrations you’re offering your customers, or if you’re a vendor with an integration roadmap as long as your arm, then we can help. Your customers are going to turn to technology more and more with remote work and social distancing, and they are still qualifying you based on which systems you integrate with. Remember, with TAS you can build once and have your integration available to lots of different systems.

We’re focused on working smarter and being more efficient, so it seems timely that we’re all taking a pause to look at what we can do better.  If you agree, or just feel like a chat, get in touch at We’d love to help you to work smarter and get a head start for when we come out of this crazy