Traditional reference checking processes are arduous, time-consuming and offer minimal insight to inform hiring decisions. They are also fraught with risk, leaving organisations open to the threat of fraudulent candidates, compliance breaches and human error. Xref brings ease, security and value to reference checking. The online, automated solution delivers the data-driven insights organisations need to make smart, confident hiring decisions. Xref offers: * Fraud protection - The Xref algorithm detects any potentially fraudulent activity, so you can be confident about the credibility of referees and their responses. * Tailored questionnaires - Our Customer Success team can help you create tailored questionnaires, ensuring you ask the right questions and generate the insight you need. * Detailed reports - Every completed reference ends with a full, detailed PDF report of the feedback provided, giving you an analysis of all data and a secure record of responses. * Faster turnaround - An Xref reference takes, on average, 36 hours to complete, putting you at less risk of losing the best talent to more efficient competitors.

Installation of your ATS in the Talent App Store is a prerequisite for using all apps in the Talent App Store. Installation of the ‘Assessment Hub’ App is a prerequisite for successfully using the Xref App, to find out more about the ‘Assessment Hub’, please [click here][1]. [1]:
Before you begin

To use Xref you will need an Xref account, after selecting ‘Install’ click the Setup Required button to begin and the Xref Support Team will be in touch.
Let's get started

1. Open the Xref App and click the 'Install' button on the top right and confirm by clicking the 'Ok' button. 2. After the App has completed installation, please review the App for further setup requirements. 3. Open the app and click on the 'SETUP REQUIRED' button 4. This should launch further setup requirements and will ask for your contact details. 5. When the setup has been completed by Xref, the available assessments should then be available in the 'Assessment Hub' for you to configure. To find out more about configuring the ‘Assessment Hub’ and Assessment Apps, [click here][2]. [2]:
Use with your existing system(s)

Depending on your ATS you will have different configurations on how to set this up. If you are a SnapHire client and would like to find out more about using the ‘Assessment Hub’ App, [click here][3]. [3]:
API Method Source of truth
/applications/views/byKey/{key} GET Y
/assessmentTypes/byID/{id} GET Y
/assessmentTypes/forApp/deltaPings POST Y
/assessmentTypes/forApp/deltaPings/1 POST Y
/assessments/byID/{id} GET Y
/assessments/byID/{id}/appDetails PATCH Y
API Source of truth
/appStatus N
/assessmentTypes/forApp N
/assessments/byID/{id}/tenantDeltaPings N