Where does it start, the conversation between your company and a stranger? On the bus, over lunch, on a park bench: candidates start recruitment. They start it anywhere, any time, and on any device. TotalApply takes your existing jobs and provides a beautiful, social, and mobile application experience for candidates, with the ability to easily configure and extend functionality as needed. **TotalApply is mobile** With an interface optimized for portable devices, candidates can apply to your openings anywhere. Files can be uploaded from email attachments, cloud storage, or straight from mobile devices. Navigation and interaction is optimized for small screens and touch. Candidates can start on a mobile and complete their application on a desktop. Itís a seamless apply experience. **TotalApply is social** Users can login, link, and autocomplete their application using their favorite social networks. Get to know the real candidate, rather than what they think you want to hear. **TotalApply is integrated** Automatically integrate TotalApply with your existing HR software. Your job description, questions, and categories are pulled directly from your Applicant Tracking System. Likewise, applications are added automatically. In other words, TotalApply simply adds a new experience to your existing HR ecosystem. **TotalApply is supported** As a product of Aotal, UberApply comes with industry leading support. If you're already an established company, our teams are ready to help you integrate TotalApply with your existing HR ecosystem. If you're just starting to define your HR world, we're happy to provide our years of experience to help. For help using this app contact Aotal Support via support@aotal.com
API Method Source of truth
/candidates/me POST Y
/candidates/me/categories GET Y
/candidates/me/details GET Y
/candidates/me/id GET Y
/candidates/me/resume/meta GET Y
/candidates/me/social/{network}/resume/asDocument GET Y
/candidates/me/social/{network}/resume/meta GET Y
/candidates/me/social/{network}/vcard GET Y
/candidates/me/vcard GET Y
/careerSites/forApp/byID/{board}/jobLink/{job} GET N
/careerSites/primary GET Y
/categories GET Y
/categories/byID/{category}/values GET Y
/editSpecs/fetches/apply/{job}/anonymous POST Y
/editSpecs/fetches/apply/{job}/me POST Y
/editSpecs/fetches/register/anonymous POST Y
/editSpecs/fetches/register/me POST Y
/global/candidateTAndCs GET Y
/items/toCandidate/me GET Y
/items/toCandidate/me/forJob/{job} GET Y
/jobs/byID/{job} GET Y
/jobs/byID/{job}/canApply/me GET Y
/socialNetworks GET Y
/trackers POST Y
/trackers/byID/{id}/chain GET Y
/trackers/byID/{id}/trackers POST Y
API Source of truth
/actions/byCandidate/anonymous/general/byName/{action}/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/anonymous/jobs/{job}/byName/{action}/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/general/possibles/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/job/possibles/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/me/general/byName/{action}/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/me/jobs/{jobId}/byName/{action}/byApp N