Tracker provides cutting-edge source analytics by allowing all your apps to automatically track the behavior and sharing habits of your candidates. Track your candidates across sites as they find, share, and apply for your jobs across social media.

Please ensure you have the ability to manage and install apps for your organisation and have the correct permissions to complete your setup.
Before you begin

Please familiarize yourself with any App prerequisites, install instructions or requirements prior to installing this App.
Let's get started

1. Click the 'Install' button and confirm by clicking 'Ok'. 2. Once the setup has been completed, go back to your 'Marketplace' and 'Reboot' your tenant. 3. The 'Tracker' App will now be available to use for any App that requires it.
Use with your existing system(s)

Please ensure your SnapHire advertising tracking codes are up to date. If you have any questions please contact with the [SnapHire Client Success]( Team.

This app does not consume any APIs.

API Source of truth
/trackers Y
/trackers/byID/{id}/chain Y
/trackers/byID/{id}/trackers Y