Total Apply modernises recruitment like never before by allowing your organisation to create application processes that give candidates the experience they deserve. Featuring an interface optimised for portable devices, Total Apply takes your existing jobs and provides a beautiful, social, and mobile application experience for candidates. Application documents can be uploaded from the cloud, email attachments, or straight from your device. Navigation and interaction is optimized for small screens and touch. Simple and intuitive screens help guide candidates through the application process, saving progress as they go and allowing them start an application and finish it later or on another device. Candidates can even elect to pre-populate fields using information from their social profiles. Itís a seamless apply experience. Utilising the latest in revolutionary technology, Total Apply seamlessly integrates with workflows of your choice inside your ATS. Job descriptions, questions, and categories are directly updated from your ATS allowing you to define what information candidates provide to apply for roles in your organisation. Total Apply even offers built in screen reading compatibility to assist candidates with reading difficulties. Maintain your competitive edge, know and develop your talent, create a positive candidate experience and boost engagement and retention starting with your application process. For help using this app contact Aotal Support via
API Method Source of truth
/candidates/me POST Y
/candidates/me/categories GET Y
/candidates/me/details GET Y
/candidates/me/id GET Y
/candidates/me/resume/meta GET Y
/candidates/me/social/{network}/resume/asDocument GET Y
/candidates/me/social/{network}/resume/meta GET Y
/candidates/me/social/{network}/vcard GET Y
/candidates/me/vcard GET Y
/careerSites/forApp/byID/{board}/jobLink/{job} GET N
/careerSites/primary GET Y
/categories GET Y
/categories/byID/{category}/values GET Y
/editSpecs/fetches/apply/{job}/anonymous POST Y
/editSpecs/fetches/apply/{job}/me POST Y
/editSpecs/fetches/register/anonymous POST Y
/editSpecs/fetches/register/me POST Y
/global/candidateTAndCs GET Y
/items/toCandidate/me GET Y
/items/toCandidate/me/forJob/{job} GET Y
/jobs/byID/{job} GET Y
/jobs/byID/{job}/canApply/me GET Y
/socialNetworks GET Y
/trackers POST Y
/trackers/byID/{id}/chain GET Y
/trackers/byID/{id}/trackers POST Y
API Source of truth
/actions/byCandidate/anonymous/general/byName/{action}/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/anonymous/jobs/{job}/byName/{action}/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/general/possibles/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/job/possibles/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/me/general/byName/{action}/byApp N
/actions/byCandidate/me/jobs/{jobId}/byName/{action}/byApp N