##We deliver creative solutions for predicting human performance ## Talegent brings together a full range of innovative predictive analytics tools – all within a single platform that was developed from scratch to adapt to your every need. Designed to be modular, we have an assortment of assessments at your disposal. Easily adaptable Talent assessment solutions to help you make the most Intelligent hiring decision - choose the tools to plug and play: **PATH Personality:** A questionnaire designed to provide deep insight into what motivates individuals and the way they think, communicate and interact. **PATH Cognitive Ability:** Drawing from our proprietary research, these assessments measure verbal, numerical and logical reasoning. **PATH Skills Tests:** Ranging from clerical to IT job skills, these assessments carry a data set of over 300 hands-on job skills. **Gamify:** The first ever realistic game-based simulation that is directly catered to your company and the roles you are looking for. **SJT Job Simulations:** Talegent Situational Judgement Testing allows you to assess candidates under virtual job conditions to measure their responses to real on-the-job situations. **Video Interviewing:** Get a sense of the person that’s behind the scores, with full autonomy to set your own questions, time limits and preparation times. **Psychomotor:** Accurately measure reaction times and visual coordination with our state-of-the-art, easily portable machine testing units. ###Talegent is the right choice for all your hiring needs. Here’s why:### + *Flexibility*: Select any combination of components. Just add or drop as your needs change. Talegent gives you total control to configure the overall solution that best meets your needs. + *Scalability*: Using cutting-edge technology and the world’s fastest and most reliable server, our platform handles volume with ease and near – 100% uptime. + *Ease of Use*: Talegent’s intuitive UI makes it easy for your HR team to configure and administer assessments right out of the gate. No additional training necessary. + *Relevance*: A comprehensive range of standard reports plus custom options allows you to access and disseminate the results data that matters to you most. + *Universal Compatibility*: Supports all common browsers: (Internet explorer, Safari, Firefox Google Chrome on PC & Mac) and mobile devices (Android & iOS on smart phones and tablets)
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