SwitchGear manages your app preferences, allowing you to customize the user experience and tailor the actions available to suit your recruiters and candidates (both internal and external). Use the SwitchGear widget on your ATS' job details page to drag and drop available buttons to appear on your job ad. SwitchGear is a prerequisite for many of the apps in the Talent App Store and must be installed to use these apps successfully. **This application should not be removed or configured by anyone other than your systems administrator**.

Installation of your ATS in the Talent App Store is a prerequisite for using all apps in the Talent App Store.
Before you begin

Please make sure you are a Talent App Store administrator and have the ability to manage and install apps and have the correct permissions in your ATS to complete your setup. Please familiarize yourself with our user material [here](http://bit.ly/2tk8ftL) and get in contact at <hello@aotal.com> if you have additional questions.
Let's get started

1. Click the 'Install' button and confirm by clicking 'Ok'. 2. SwitchGear should now be available to configure as required.
Use with your existing system(s)

If you are a SnapHire client and would like to find out more about configuring the SwitchGear App, [click here](https://aotal.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/6000226496).
API Method Source of truth
/actions/byCandidate/anonymous/general/byName/{action}/byApp GET N
/actions/byCandidate/anonymous/jobs/{job}/byName/{action}/byApp GET N
/actions/byCandidate/general/possibles/byApp GET N
/actions/byCandidate/job/possibles/byApp GET N
/actions/byCandidate/job/possibles/byApp/byName/{action}/{uiMode}/{internal}/setupPage GET N
/actions/byCandidate/job/possibles/byApp/byName/{action}/{uiMode}/{internal}/setupPage/forJob/{job} GET N
/actions/byCandidate/job/possibles/byApp/byName/{action}/{uiMode}/{internal}/setupPage/forWorkflow/{workflow} GET N
/actions/byCandidate/me/general/byName/{action}/byApp GET N
/actions/byCandidate/me/jobs/{jobId}/byName/{action}/byApp GET N
/careerSites/forApp GET N
/global/internalIPMatches/byIP/{ip} GET Y
/jobs/byID/{job}/workflow/candidate GET Y
/panels/toUser/me/jobs/{job}/byApp GET N
/trackers/byID/{id}/chain GET Y
/workflows/candidate GET Y
API Source of truth
/actions/byCandidate/anonymous/general/asHtml Y
/actions/byCandidate/anonymous/jobs/{job}/asHtml Y
/actions/byCandidate/general/possibles/byApp/deltaPings N
/actions/byCandidate/headHtml Y
/actions/byCandidate/job/possibles/byApp/deltaPings Y
/actions/byCandidate/me/general/asHtml Y
/actions/byCandidate/me/general/satisfy/{actionName} Y
/actions/byCandidate/me/general/satisfy/{actionName}/byApp/{app} Y
/actions/byCandidate/me/jobs/{job}/asHtml Y
/actions/byCandidate/me/jobs/{job}/satisfy/{actionName} Y
/actions/byCandidate/me/jobs/{job}/satisfy/{actionName}/byApp/{app} Y
/careerSites Y
/careerSites/primary Y
/landingPage N
/panels/toUser/me/jobs/{job} Y
/panels/toUser/me/jobs/{job}/byApp N