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Installation of your ATS in the Talent App Store is a prerequisite for using all apps in the Talent App Store.
Before you begin

During install you will be asked for your SilkRoad API Address (this will be a url e.g. If you do not have this, you will need to contact your SilkRoad representative. You will also be asked to select the API ‘Phase’ that you want the SilkRoad app to be implemented in. A ‘Phase’ is a specific time in your process and will be dependant on your ATS setup. Please see the section below ‘Use with your existing system(s)’ for more information.
Let's get started

1. Open the SilkRoad App and click the 'Install' button on the top right of the App and confirm by clicking 'Ok'. 2. After the App has completed installation, please review the app for further setup requirements. 3. Open the app and click on the 'SETUP REQUIRED' button 4. This should launch further setup requirements and will ask you to select the ‘Phase’ and enter the SilkRoad API Address URL to complete your setup. 5. After install, go to your ATS and set up a new ‘API phase view’ containing the data that should be sent to SilkRoad 6. Once the setup has been completed, go back to the 'Talent App Store' and ‘Reboot’ your tenant.
Use with your existing system(s)

The following fields must be included in the ‘API phase view’ and linked to the “API phase’ and ‘SilkRoad’ App. <ul><li>Candidate First Name and Candidate Last Name</li><li> Candidate Email and Candidate Phone - this can be either home or mobile</li><li> Start Date </li><li> Date Hired</li><li> Recruiter First Name, Recruiter Last Name and Recruiter Email</li><li> Manager First Name, Manager Last Name and Manager Email</li><li> Title - Job</li><li> Job Location and Job Expertise. (When selecting 'criteria type' fields (category fields), you need to ensure the description label is entered and reflects the field name.)</li></ul> If you are a SnapHire client and would like to find out more about ‘API Phases’, [click here][1]. [1]:

This app does not consume any APIs.

API Source of truth
/appStatus N
/applications/views/at/hire/now/byID/{application}/pushes N
/applications/views/at/onboard/now/byID/{application}/pushes N