##Faster recruitment & better outcomes## SEEK Video Screen provides you with a quick and easy way to review a candidate’s presentation, motivation & cultural fit in order to simplify the early stages of your recruitment process. **Better hiring in 3 easy steps** An intuitive and easy to use platform for both you and your candidates. Setup your interview Create a set of interview questions and a deadline for completion Candidates record their response Candidates choose a time and place that suits them to respond on a device of their choice Evaluate with others Review, share and shortlist relevant candidates based on combined feedback Drive efficiencies, improve collaboration and make better hiring outcomes. Video screening can help you at every stage of your recruitment process For internal hiring teams Review more candidates in less time Make more informed hiring decisions and reduce turnover Share and review videos to reduce unconscious bias For recruitment agencies Quickly identify the most relevant candidates for your client Provide more engaging and tangible information to your clients Increase candidate conversion rates and speed up your time to placement **Even more…** Multi-device Both hirers and Job Seekers can use their device of choice to record, rate and review video interviews. Fully branded candidate experience Customise with your company logo, colour scheme, welcome videos and video questions Talent pooling made easy Tag candidates' videos as talent pools for easy future reference. **Pricing(( Starting at $199 per month Sign up today and change or cancel your plan at anytime. See all plans - *https://anz.sparkhire.com/pricing* **For more information or to experience a demo, please contact us at SEEK Australia on 13 64 34 or New Zealand on 0800 50 50 80.**

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