SEEK creates world-class solutions to address the needs of job seekers and hirers, and facilitate the matching between job seekers and hirers across their online employment marketplaces. SEEK receive over 375 million visits to their sites every month, have over 3 million job opportunities available at any given time and have over 100 million job seeker profiles. Post a new job advertisement in seconds and have it instantly go live on SEEK, allowing candidates to search and apply for your roles straight away. Once your job is posted, manage your advertisements and edit or delete jobs immediately. Recruiters will have the option to manage multiple brands from one account and create custom templates for each, allowing your organization to maximise its brand presence and customize the experience for candidates.
API Method Source of truth
/careerSites/forApp/byID/{board}/jobLink/{job} GET N
/careerSites/primary GET Y
/jobs GET Y
/jobs/byID/{job} GET Y
/jobs/byID/{job}/description GET Y
/trackers POST Y
API Source of truth
/landingPage N
/panels/toUser/me/jobs/{job}/byApp N