Introducing a new way to post jobs directly from your Applicant Tracking System to New Zealand Government Jobs Online is a gateway to the diverse job and career opportunities within the New Zealand State sector organisations. Organisations within the New Zealand State sector may advertise their vacancies on this website. A list of the organisations that comprise the State sector is published [here]( While advertising on this site is provided free of charge to New Zealand Government agencies by the Department of Internal Affairs, there are initial costs associated with enabling the feed. Please contact the site administrator on After installation, you will need to complete your set up and register your XML feed with, please contact with the following information from the set up page: <ol><li>Your Agency name to be displayed on</li><li>The Feed URL</li><li>An email address where any errors can be sent</li></ol> Prior to requesting the feed to be enabled, finalise and archive all of your job ads currently posted. The Job Ad Feed Process will automatically remove any jobs that are not in the XML Feed. New Zealand Government Jobs and further information can be found by visiting us at [](
API Method Source of truth
/jobSets/desired/forApp/{app} GET Y
/trackers POST Y
API Source of truth
/appStatus N
/categories N
/categories/byID/{category}/values N
/jobBoards/forApp N