FluentIQ is the technology disruptor to the English language testing industry with a product tailor-made for recruiters, employers, and their global talent. More than 85% of the world's most successful businesses require fluent English of their employees. FluentIQ will tell you straight away which applicants have sufficient English communication skills for the role you are seeking to fill. FluentIQ empowers you to recruit only the best communicators from the widest possible talent pool. Using FluentIQ, you can quickly and cost efficiently screen for the English communication ability required for a role. **Tap into Global Talent with Confidence** Discover qualified global talent that other recruiters have missed, and save time vetting international/domestic applicants. **Scientifically Proven** FluentIQ Test Center is known for its accuracy and use of linguistic science which measures real-world English communication ability. **Quick and Easy** Online testing with results available within 24 hours, a FluentIQ Certification won't cause a delay in your candidate's application process. **Confidence and Security** FluentIQ Test Center verifies candidate identification and includes video footage throughout so you can have confidence in the identity of the candidate you are considering.

Installation of your ATS in the Talent App Store is a prerequisite for using all apps in the Talent App Store. Installation of the ‘Assessment Hub’ App is a prerequisite for successfully using the FluentIQ App, to find out more about the ‘Assessment Hub’, please [click here][1]. [1]:https://www.talentappstore.com/apps/assessmenthub?idp=false
Before you begin

Please create a FluentIQ Enterprise account if you don't have one at: https://enterprise.fluentiq.com/#/createaccount or contact us to discuss.
Let's get started

1. Open the FluentIQ assessment App and click the 'Install' button and confirm by clicking 'Ok'. 2. After the App has completed installation, please review the App for further setup requirements. 2. Open the FluentIQ assessment app, and follow the Setup Required link. Enter your FluentIQ Enterprise account details in to the Talent App Store Connector to complete setup. 3. Go back to the 'Talent App Store' and ‘Reboot’ your tenant. The available assessment(s) will then be available in the 'Assessment Hub' for you to configure.
Use with your existing system(s)

If you are a SnapHire client and would like to find out more about using the ‘Assessment Hub’ App, [click here][2]. [2]:https://aotal.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/24000001522
API Method Source of truth
/applications/views/byKey/{key} GET Y
/assessmentTypes/forApp/deltaPings POST N
/assessments/byID/{id} GET Y
/assessments/byID/{id}/appDetails PATCH Y
API Source of truth
/appStatus N
/assessmentTypes/forApp N
/assessments/byID/{id}/tenantDeltaPings N