Employment Screening and checking services for business. Make smart employee hiring decisions with fit2work’s accurate and comprehensive background screening services. Instant, easy access to results and reporting. From pre-employment to periodic verification checks, it’s a seamless and straightforward process with fit2work. Receive quality, dependable results. Make fast hiring decisions. Use our online platform to smoothly integrate criminal history and identity checks into your existing risk management processes. Reduce your admin burden while protecting your business. ### **Why use fit2work** #### **World-class security** Robust and auditable infrastructure and processes that are fully compliant with Privacy Laws. #### **Fast turnaround times** Our market-leading online technology provides us with direct access to key third-party databases, enabling us to deliver check results quickly. #### **Automated reminders** Send automated reminders for refresher background checks or to prompt applicants to finish any incomplete checks. #### **Instant ID verification** Protect against fraudsters and meet compliance requirements. We’re the first pre-employment screening service to offer instant ID verification. We offer flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes by creating bundled packages or creating custom plans. Checks available: * Criminal History: New Zealand / Australia / International (over 200 countries and territories) / Global Media (negative press) * Performance History: Employment History, Academic Qualification, Professional Membership Verification / Online or Phone based Reference Checks * Licences and Entitlements: Entitlement to Work in New Zealand and/or Australia, New Zealand and/or Australian Driver Licence and Traffic Offences, Operator and Trade Licences * Financial Background: Directorships, Banned and Disqualified Registers, New Zealand and/or Australian Credit File Checks * Psychometric Assessments * Medical Assessments For more details on available checks please visit [https://fit2work.com.au](https://fit2work.com.au)

Installation of SnapHire and the ‘Assessment Hub’ in the SnapHire Marketplace is a prerequisite for successfully using fit2work.
Before you begin

Contact Us Want to talk background checks or brainstorm about hiring solutions? Need us to just listen? Whatever the reason, we are here to help. [Click here for contact options](https://www.equifax.com.au/fit2work/for-your-business/contact) Please ensure you have the ability to ‘Manage apps’ for your organisation and are granted the SnapHire permissions, ‘Can manage bucket views’ and ‘Can manage Assessment Hub views’.
Let's get started

Click the 'Install' button and confirm by clicking 'Ok'. Please remember that the 'Assessment Hub' app needs to be installed to use the fit2work assessment app from the SnapHire Marketplace, if you open the 'Assessment Hub' after installation you will not see any 'Assessments' until an 'Assessment' App has been successfully installed.
Use with your existing system(s)

After install, you will need to login to the SnapHire “Admin” tab and set up your ‘Assessment Hub view’ and add any applicable fields to your default view or create and apply a new Assessment Hub view for fit2work; If you would like to find out more about using the ‘Assessment Hub’ App,please [click here]((https://aotal.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/24000001522).
API Method Source of truth
/applications/views/byKey/{key} GET Y
/assessmentTypes/byID/{id} GET Y
/assessmentTypes/forApp/deltaPings POST Y
/assessmentTypes/forApp/deltaPings/1 POST Y
/assessments/byID/{id} GET Y
/assessments/byID/{id}/appDetails PATCH Y
API Source of truth
/appStatus N
/assessmentTypes/forApp N
/assessments/byID/{id}/tenantDeltaPings N