Enboarder creates engaging onboarding experiences for today's digital generation by putting people before paperwork and looking at onboarding through the lens of the Employee Experience rather than just HR efficiency. ​Enboarder ​Empower​s​ HR to create, test and deploy beautiful communications without the need for IT or a creative department. ​We help lay ​the ​foundations for great culture shifts and long-term employment​ by making new hires feel welcome and prepared from the moment they sign their offer letter ​and ​​throughout their journey within the company for 365 days and beyond. ​We believe that managers have the biggest role to play in engaging and onboarding their new hires. We ​coach ​m​anagers through the onboarding process and assist them to do it more efficiently. ​By doing this we ensure that all employees, no matter their role, employment type or location, get a wonderful and consistent experience. ​We simplify ​provisioning requests and ​all ​those pesky admin tasks​ in getting your new employees set up for success.​

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