CheckPlease is the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to order NZ Criminal Record checks online from the Ministry of Justice. CheckPlease is trusted by hundreds of businesses and provides a completely paperless experience for the candidate and for you. - Instant install, no API keys to paste or contracts to sign - Efficiently manage Criminal Record checks for tens, hundreds or thousands of candidates - Paperless and mobile-friendly experience for candidates - Real-time updates keep you informed - Fastest delivery available - Competitive pricing - If you're a MoJ CCH online member, you can use your own MoJ-provided request form to generate requests - Paperless and mobile-friendly experience for ID verification (MoJ members) - Update priority as circumstances change - NZ-based company and support team **Business pricing** (less volume discounts, contact - $59 - GOLD (3 working days) - $49 - SILVER (10 working days) - $39 - BRONZE (15 working days) **MoJ member pricing** (less volume discounts, contact - $15 (all checks - plus MoJ fees direct to you of $8.50, $14 or $20) All prices exclude GST.

To add the MoJ Check app to your **existing SnapHire applicant tracking system**, then as long as you have the Assessment hub installed, you should be ready to go.
Before you begin

To start using this app, install it and then click on "Setup required" to link to a new or existing CheckPlease account. Here are some considerations when creating your CheckPlease account. **Demo mode** When you create your account, if you are only testing then you can specify demo mode. In demo mode, no payment is required and your checks are never sent to the MoJ. **Choose a plan** By default (when you create your CheckPlease account by clicking through from "setup required" in your installed CheckPlease app), you'll be on our **Credit** (full service, monthly invoicing) plan. If you would rather be on the **Business** (pay by credit card) or **Member** plans, then create your CheckPlease account first, and then connect to that existing account from "Setup required". **Choose a default priority** When you order a new check, it starts out at the default priority (GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE) that is set on your CheckPlease account. You can change the priority of your individual checks at any time up until the request has been sent to the Ministry of Justice **Account owner** When you create your CheckPlease account, you can sign in using social sign in (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook), or email address/password. Whatever you use, the underlying email is important. The account owner: - receives results emails - can follow the tracking link on checks, and access the CheckPlease dashboard - can use the ID wizard to verify the candidate's identity (Member plan) - receives important email messages from the system, e.g. for the Member plan, questions coming in from the MoJ. **The MoJ Member plan** If your organisation is a member of the Ministry of Justice CCH online service, you can order checks directly from the Ministry of Justice electronically, with 3, 10 or 15 day turnarounds, at a cost of $20, $14 or $8.50. Membership is open to any organisation. Contact the Ministry of Justice at or us at if you'd like to know more. Being an MoJ Member is the most cost effective way to order checks. You pay just a low fixed fee to CheckPlease, and continue to pay Ministry of Justice directly. Your CheckPlease account owner performs ID verification for all of your checks using our mobile-friendly ID wizard, giving you the highest level of confidence in ID verification at less than 60 seconds per candidate. **The reuse parameter** The assessment hub can reuse existing results when someone applies for more than one job with you. We recommend that you consider reusing criminal record checks if they were performed within the last 90 days.
Let's get started

**Install the app** - Click "Install" and install the app - The app will now show "Setup required" - click to complete setup - On the connect page, click Connect to connect the app to a new or existing CheckPlease account - Once you've signed into your CheckPlease account, click to return to Talent App Store Install is now complete. The app should now show a blue settings icon (not setup required) **Setting up the view** - Usually, the default assessment hub view for the app will contain all required fields (applicant first name, last name and email). - If you have changed the default view to not include these, then you will need to create a new view and link it to the assessment type. - To handle agency candidates, you can add the candidate email to the view as per the linked documentation **Map the assessment type** - Click to open the Assessment hub - Click in to the MoJ Check assessment type and edit global settings (view, reuse settings, user access) - Click "Map assessments" - Click on the square with three dots next to the bucket where you want Criminal Record checks to be available - Drag Criminal Record check up into the dashed box - Save your changes - Assessments can also be custom mapped per job via the "Assessment Hub" widget on your SnapHire job - Finally, make sure the assessment strip itself has been added to the bucket view. Assessment mapping is now complete, and you should see the Moj Check icon inside the ATS when looking at applicants in that bucket. You can now start ordering Criminal Record checks! **Order your first check** - You can now click on the MoJ check icon next to an applicant in the ATS to order a check on an applicant. Then click "Start assessment". - Refresh your ATS web page - If you're on the Business plan, you'll be prompted for payment before the check starts. - If you're on the MoJ Member plan, the check will be in the ordered status. - The check will now progress through each stage until a result is provided by the Ministry of Justice. **Tips** Get familiar with the power of the assessment hub. You can: - restrict whether recruiters, managers or both can see and/or order checks - order checks automatically whenever an applicant drops into a bucket More information is available from Aotal on using the Assessment hub [here]( You can also contact us at for assistance or tips on any aspect of install, set up and ordering.
Use with your existing system(s)

Agency candidate email address can optionally be included, and if used must be called 'agency email' in the description. This field can be added to your default assessment hub view or a new view can be created. If you do not already have this setup or require assistance please contact the Aotal Client Success Team on
API Method Source of truth
/applications/views/byKey/{key} GET Y
/assessmentTypes/forApp/deltaPings/1 POST Y
/assessments/byApplication/{application}/byAssessmentType/{assessmentType} GET Y
/assessments/byID/{id} GET Y
/assessments/byID/{id}/appDetails PATCH Y
API Source of truth
/appStatus N
/assessmentTypes/forApp N
/assessments/byID/{id}/tenantDeltaPings N