Checkmate is a fully automated online reference checking tool that collects comprehensive employee reference information and is an enjoyable and effortless journey from start to finish. How it works 1. Checkmate starts with just a few clicks, from your SnapHire dashboard you select the questionnaire you wish to use and select the Candidate. Job done and Checkmate now takes over the work 2. Checkmate will contact the candidate via email and SMS using our mobile optimised platform to obtains their nominated referees 3. Checkmate will then automatically contact the referees (by email and SMS) and from there they complete the check using any device, at any time. No more time zone issues to worry about! 4. Once itís all done youíll be notified by email and the full report automatically comes back to your Snap Hire Dashboard, available for your review. Unique Features Branding Ė take control of your brand and apply your organisation's logo and name on the checks and communications. You can also redirect referees to your career site upon completion, thus unlocking new sources of talent Customisable Questionnaires - you can build your very own customised questionnaire or choose from our library of professionally designed and occupation-specific questionnaires Follow Up - Checkmate will automatically follow up any delayed or unresponsive referees and notify you of completions or any issues. Fraud Reduction - Checkmate utilises a unique fraud detection tool that actively monitors the process and will alert you (and us) should anything be amiss.

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