**Adzuna** is a search engine for job advertisements that aims to list every job, everywhere. We are free to list and encourage you to upload your jobs to reach a fresh crop of job seekers today. **Once you install the Adzuna app and the [Feed app][2], your jobs will go through our approval process. Once approved, your job should be on Adzuna within 24 hours.** For job advertisers, we strive to connect you with quality candidates through our unique model that focuses on speed to market and targets a higher percentage of passive candidates. How do we do this? - We are Fairfax Media’s Digital employment platform across New Zealand and Australia. - In New Zealand, Fairfax Media drives job seekers to adzuna.co.nz from New Zealand's #1 news site, stuff.co.nz - In Australia, our job ads reach more than 13 million unique visitors per month across the Fairfax network on publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age & AFR. - This means we are tapping into an exclusive pool of talent the other jobs websites are missing out on. - We are free to list, but also offer paid campaigns using a cost-per-click model. With a paid campaign your job ads will feature more prominently on Adzuna, however, you will only pay when a jobseeker clicks your job advertisement. Adzuna’s mission is to be the best place to start looking for a job. We love harnessing the latest technology to help match people to better, more fulfilling jobs and to keep Kiwis and Aussies working. **Prerequisite : Feed (click Browse apps -> All -> Feed -> Install)** **For source tracking please inform your ATS to add a media code for "ADZUNA"** [FAQs][1] [1]: https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/adzunaplugin.com.au/faq.html [2]: https://www.talentappstore.com/apps/rssfeed?idp=false
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